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Making Music lately!

2016-10-20 13:29:35 by Kixen

Helloo, I apologize for being out of the animation game for so long (for those who care). I just have been out of the groove, not feeling it. I'm sure something will come along and inspire me once again.

As of lately I've been learning FL studio and producing my own music, and I'm absolutely diggin' it! 

For anyone who's interested, check out my latest song here

Or check out my soundcloud as well, right here -->

They both contain the same content so you might as well chill here on newgrounds! 




2014-10-19 10:20:32 by Kixen

Finished the cartoon, Its up now on the portal! And also on youtube if you'd like to check it out there.

Very proud of this one guys, hope you like it.



Something new very soon!

2014-10-15 01:13:07 by Kixen

It's been too long. Anyway, expect a new toon sometime this week! Itll be ok I guess.




2012-04-15 21:07:11 by Kixen

Very Excited to participate in NATA! I hope to make it far in this competition and wish all the other competitors luck.
It's looking to be a fun experience.


Halloween Flash!!!

2010-10-11 19:13:43 by Kixen

Alright, For this contest i'm going ALL OUT! no more procrastinating.. ANYWAY its turning out great, Its pretty short, but i'm making this the most high quality i can possibly do! it will be AMAZING! and i will WIN THIS I FREAKING SWEAR TO YOU, the money is mine. and i will definatley make front page, LOOK HOW FULL OF MYSELF I AM! IT will be done by the end of the week i promise, Heres a character from it.

Halloween Flash!!!

Madness Day!!

2010-09-22 05:36:40 by Kixen

I forgot...SO i will be whipping up something decent after school, and i promise. IT WILL BE AWE- decent.


2010-08-30 14:43:26 by Kixen

Apple-Head is now out! Come and check it out!


Animation Comming Soon!

2010-02-20 17:00:59 by Kixen

Alright so an animation expected tomorrow, very short but sure to make some people laugh.

Here's a screenshot, i'll let you guess what it's about from this.

Animation Comming Soon!